Sisterly Bond

Growing up and being the youngest child of 3 meant my older sisters were always a lot closer to each other. My eldest sister is 6 years older, my second sister is 4 years. So I definitely was the ‘annoying younger sister’.

Over the years, we have all gotten older (yes that’s how the world works haha) and have grown closer together.

My eldest sister and I took the longest. In saying that 6 years is an age gap. It wasn’t until we were sitting on my dads couch (about 2 years ago now), talking about our childhood that we connected. She apologised for all the horrible sister things she had done to me and we spoke like actually sister do. (I had never had a real conversation with her before this.We were always just hi! Bye!) Now we can talk on the phone for an hour without running out of conversation. We spend time together and just have fun!

As for my other sister we have been close but not friends if that makes sense. She would protect me from others, myself and my poor decisions. She is by far the one I’ve fought with more, the one that has made me mad, sad and angry. She kind of took it upon herself to be a motherly figure to me whenever mum was working and away from home. (Which is probably why I fought with her.. even though I look back now and realise how nice it was of her.) One day it was like it all just switched. She wasn’t just my sister now, we were friends. We talk about anything and everything.

I’m sitting here writing this as I’m waiting for her to get here. (My eldest sister I won’t see until Christmas Day and I’m so excited to see her.) She was making a joke about how needy I was because I keep asking her what time she’ll be here. I responded with ‘you can’t tell me you don’t like the fact I miss you and I’m excited to see you’ she then responded with ‘I love it’.

I’m so grateful and thankful for both my amazing sisters. And at the fact that we are close, we are sisters, best friends and I love them both so much! We fight, we argue but we always fix our issues. I remember growing up and mum always saying how she wished us girl would become close so that we would always have each other. I’m happy to say my mums wish has come true.

Thank you for reading. Please like, follow and comment about if you are close with your siblings and what you a grateful for about them.


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